New Dawn Journal

We are re-assessing our dependence on social media and how we use the internet. Did you know that the internet industry has a carbon footprint similar to the shipping industry? Never mind the cultural and political impact on our communities!

  One approach we are taking, for a healthier digital relationship, is to focus on quality journalism for our newsletters. This way we can document our wonderful sail cargo network and give only the most necessary information once or twice a month.

Below is a sample of our most recent work, in time we hope to fill a book!

  • If I don’t have olive oil, I don’t have a life.

    Move to the countryside. Set up a rural business. Live the simple life. Right? Depends on who you ask. For many, the realities of running a farm quickly muddy any preconceived notions of a peaceful agrarian life. For Marije Passos, however, such challenges actually reinforce her drive to do what she loves the most – produce quality olive oil.

  • From excellent lamp fuel to award-winning Os Tres Gatos oil

    Miranda Ottewell’s family fell in love with a crumbling Portuguese quinta, uprooted their life in the US, and set upon a deliciously oily learning curve.

  • More than just a chocolate company

    “It’s inevitable. In a forest system, resources come from outside. There is rain coming from outside. There are migratory birds; they maybe will nest in one place in a certain zone but they go to another forest to spend the rest of their lives. So there is communication across distance.  “To me, that’s what transport is. And sail cargo is…

  • New Dawn Journal Vol. I

    In December 2020 we printed our first-ever zine, a collection of our thoughts and writing from the previous months. Read it, take it apart, put it up on a wall, make an exhibition, use as wrapping paper, share with friends… and if you’re really done with it, recycle!

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