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New Dawn Chocolate
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  • New Dawn Chocolate
  • New Dawn Chocolate

New Dawn Chocolate

80 % Dominican Republic organic, fairtrade beans 

20 % organic, fairtrade, raw cane sugar

45 days at sea under sail-power

The beans in this bar were grown with care in the tropical hills of the Dominican Republic. Once harvested, fermented and dried they were delivered to port to be loaded onto the handsome engineless brigantine, Tres Hombres. After 45 days at sea, propelled by the trade winds alone, the beans met their alchemist, Chocolarder of Cornwall, master chocolatier. With an obsessive attention to detail from roasting, maturing and hand-tempering, these beans have been crafted into an exceptional dark chocolate without the usual bitterness.

Wood, winter spice, tart cherry.

70g // New Dawn Traders Ltd. // 2015 Shipment
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