Gente de Mezcal


Gente de Mezcal – Tobala

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Gente de Mezcal

Tobala – £89.95 (inc. VAT)

“our family’s old, seasoned stew pot”

Our mezcals reflect the artistry and ancestral knowledge of a tradition that endures generation after generation. We offer emblematic batch productions, which are cultural treasures that preserve the flavour of Mexican Pueblos.

The Tobala agave plant is found only at the highest altitudes growing in the shade of oak trees. The plant is harvested when it has matured to between 12 – 18 years.

We care about our ocean transport as much as our mezcal. Our bottles are shipped aboard the sail cargo vessel Avontuur, with little more than wind in the sails and the sweat of the sailors.

“Smells like a humid jungle after rain. This wildest of agaves from a 5th generation master comes on strong with herbal tones and a deep lasting flavour like a simmering home cooked beef broth, lightened up by a touch of rosemary.”

Enjoy with friends around the table.

75cl // New Dawn Traders Ltd. // 2018 Shipment


Age of Agave

Days at Sea


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