Tiare Taporo – Pacific Schooners

Tiare Taporo – Pacific Schooners
November 1, 2016 Alex
Tiare Taporo - Pacific Schooners

Pacific Schooners have converted and refited the former deep-sea fishing motor vessel “Zebroid”, as the handsome, reliable and seaworthy full powered, auxiliary sail-assist ship, “Tiare Taporo”. Their mission is to carry passengers and cargo on regular routes and passages among the Northern and Southern groups of the Cook Islands.

The origins of this concept for a commercially successful Cook Islands Sail Assist Passenger/Supply Vessel are both old and new and based on experience, precedent, observation, local knowledge, sharing of notes with colleagues and extensive research. Current conditions of island supply/shipping and trends in Adventure Travel are major factors in consideration. The promise of success in this proposed Aux-Sail Trading Schooner venture comes from drawing upon the strengths of these earlier operations and reducing or eliminating their respective inherent weaknesses.

Tiare Taporo is a full powered commercial auxiliary sailing vessel designed to carry passengers, cargo and trade goods as well as vocationally train young mariners throughout the Cook Islands of the South Pacific in regularly scheduled and reliable service out of Rarotonga & Aitutaki.

The ship is 130 feet (40m) long, just under 300 gross tons and has a 900 horsepower engine. She has an ample sailing rig to provide fuel economy/extend range to the far flung islands.

Tiare Taporo is available outside regular schedule for charter: expeditions, supply/medical/educational/ govt. missions outside scheduled service.
The company also has plans to establish additional vessels in these and alternative routes as the model proves successful.

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