PraoCargo – Fair Winds Trading Co.

PraoCargo – Fair Winds Trading Co.
November 1, 2016 Alex
Fair Winds Trading Co.

From the Fair Winds Trading Co. website:

We are putting transport into the ethical equation with a zero-emissions low-impact cargo sailing ship that can access goods where they are produced.

Shipping may be the most energy-efficient mode of cargo transport, but small ships transporting less than 4% of world cargo contribute 26% of all shipping emissions. Larger ships are making waterborne transport less expensive but at what cost? Most developing countries don’t have the infrastructure to handle these “sea giants” and are thus cut out of the world trade market.

Advances in racing technology give us the tools to design a boat that is fast, light, and able to sail close to the wind, allowing us to open up sailing trade routes that have not existed in modern times. We are applying cutting-edge, ecologically-conceived designs to ancient transport boats of the south Pacific – the newest of everything – from energy recuperation systems to lightweight, strong, low-impact materials will be utilised.


Propelled by one self-trimming sail, this 60-metre ship is energy autonomous thanks to a combination of solar, wind, and hydraulic energy. Extremely rapid and highly manoeuvrable, the PraoCargo has a low draft which enables it to navigate shallow rivers and small ports. The double hull allows it to beach in remote areas, giving access to products at points of production. These qualities make it the perfect boat for sailing between Europe and Africa.

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