Leenan Head

Leenan Head
November 1, 2016 Alex
Leenan Head

Translated from the ship’s website:

“For her first thirty years, from 1906, the sailing ship Leenan Head fished for herring off the west coast of Ireland. Legend has it that she was used by the IRA after the First World War. During the fifties, the ship was motorised and became the ferry for Inishbofin Island, Ireland. Leenan Head carried islanders, cattle, construction materials, the love letters…

In 1995 her career as “email boat” ended and in 2001, after a major restoration, Leenan Head made her first voyage around the Atlantic. Since then the ship has linked projects from Spitabergen, Svalbard to Casamance, Senegal, from Brazil to the New Foundland, the Caribbean and Western Europe.

Alternately a logistics platform for expeditions or sailing cargo, youth training, guest charter and home. Ah… if Leenan Head could talk…!”

Leenan Head


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