Ceiba – Sail Cargo Inc.

Ceiba – Sail Cargo Inc.
November 1, 2016 Alex
Ceiba - Sail Cargo Inc

SAILCARGO INC. aims to make a positive mark in the world of transportation by being an effective, sustainable option. Through transporting freight with a carbon-neutral system, they offer a new way to look at the eco-factor of economy.

Their first ship, CEIBA, will offer something unique to both exporters and importers: the opportunity to finally close the loop for their most important organic, sustainable products. Transporting products which are promoted as ‘green’ via container ships feels hollow.

Ships of the PAX Line (Pacific Exchange) will move freight with only the power of the wind. Clean, pure energy. That’s sail cargo.


Ceiba will be designed after the Finnish trading schooner Ingrid of the 1920’s.

This wooden ship will be built by both local and international professional workers, alongside volunteers. This project will focus on building and maintaining strong relations with local Costa Rican community.

Traditional shipbuilding knowledge will be passed onto volunteers by the professional team, as well as respect for our environmental impact during the build process.

Ceiba’s power-generation system is centred around a 100% electric engine, coupled with long-life batteries as well as solar panels, and wind turbines.

The ship will employ a more sophisticated version of the classic tow-generator: a variable pitch, folding propeller wired to an alternator, which will charge the ships battery bank.

The build will take three years from start to finish. A team of 25 people will be working on the ship. It will begin by sourcing trees, felling them, milling and drying them. Our first step is to purchase a saw mill, which will maintain on-site independence.

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