• Luna – Colonial Seaport Foundation

    “Colonial Seaport Foundation is an educational charitable organization (501C3) focused on preserving facets of America’s colonial (17th-18th century) maritime heritage…

  • Schooner Cecilie

    Schooner Cecilie

    Cecilie is a former German sailing cargo vessel, built in 1921 by Germaniawerft, Kiel, and currently berthed at SRF Shipbuilding…

  • Port Franc

    Picton Castle – Port Franc

    Port Franc is a small, family-owned company that operates between Montreal, Canada and La Rochelle, France, and Porto Vecchio, Corsica.…

  • Historic Vessel Vega

    Historic Vessel Vega

    Every year the 120 years old Norwegian build historic vessel VEGA and her volunteer crew sail about 7,000 miles to…

  • Corentin - TOWT

    Corentin – TOWT

    Corentin was built and launched in the port of Quimper, France, in 1991. Drawn from the lines of l’Aimable Irma…

  • Le Biche - TOWT

    Biche – TOWT

    Biche is the last of the “thonier dundée à voile” (sailing tun-fishing vessel) of the Atlantic. A boat built in…

  • Bessie Ellen

    Bessie Ellen

    Built in Plymouth, Devon, in 1904 by William Kelly, Bessie Ellen is one of the last surviving West Country trading…

  • Schooner Ruth

    Schooner Ruth

    Schooner Ruth was designed by naval architect Thomas E. Colvin, with her lines & rigging based off of the knockabout…

  • Fair Winds Trading Co.

    PraoCargo – Fair Winds Trading Co.

    They are putting transport into the ethical equation with a zero-emissions low-impact cargo sailing ship that can access goods where…

  • Project Stormvogel

    Project Stormvogel

    “Storm Bird” is a stout, 45-foot wooden sailboat that was launched from the shores of the Dutch Caribbean island of…

  • Tiare Taporo - Pacific Schooners

    Tiare Taporo – Pacific Schooners

    Pacific Schooners have converted and refited the former deep-sea fishing motor vessel “Zebroid”, as the handsome, reliable and seaworthy full…

  • Leenan Head

    Leenan Head

    “For her first thirty years, from 1906, the sailing ship Leenan Head fished for herring off the west coast of…

  • Sailing Vessel Kwai

    Sailing Vessel Kwai

    The purpose of KWAI is to carry cargo, passengers, and crew in a well found sailing vessel between the islands…

  • Maine Sail Freight

    Maine Sail Freight

    The Maine Sail Freight Project completed a cargo run with the sailing ship Adventure. This sail cargo project is part…

  • Nordlys Ship – Fairtransport Co.

    The 25 meter ketch, Nordlys, is possibly the world’s oldest cargo ship. Built in the Isle of Wight in 1873…

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