Biche – TOWT

Biche – TOWT
November 2, 2016 Alex
Le Biche - TOWT

Biche is the last of the “thonier dundée à voile” (sailing tun-fishing vessel) of the Atlantic. A boat built in the hundreds up until the Second World War. Her image is associated with the heyday of fishing under sail in the Atlantic, in the Bay of Biscay and the Brittany coast. After the terrible storm of 1930, the structure and shape design of these “dundées” reached perfect equilibrium. The well distributed sail plan and elegant and sturdy hull, create a harmony that excites countless mariners and artists.

Biche was built in Les Sables d’Olonne in 1934 for businessman Stephen Angel of the Ile de Croix, nicknamed “Ange-Biche”.

Biche has carried cargo for TOWT – Transoceanic Wind Transport between the ports of Bordeaux and Saint-Malo.

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