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  • Creating a sail-cargo family in Noirmoutier

    Tucked up along the west coast of France about 50 kilometres from the mouth of the Loire river, sits Noirmoutier.…

  • Meet our Port Ally – Raybel Charters

  • Windswept deliveries, Tuvan throat singing and a gin palace in Penzance.

  • lescaboteursdelune

    Port Ally Pioneers – Adventures of Les Caboteurs de Lune

  • Gente de Mezcal Product Brochure 2018

  • Bessie Ellen Voyage Oct 2018 Product Brochure

  • De Gallant – Blue Schooner Co.

    “Offering the opportunity for consumers and producers to ship their goods using the power of the wind, for passengers to…

  • Luna – Colonial Seaport Foundation

    “Colonial Seaport Foundation is an educational charitable organization (501C3) focused on preserving facets of America’s colonial (17th-18th century) maritime heritage…

  • In Praise of Romance

    It is empowering to look back when deciding on how to move forward. Working with sailing ships to carry cargo…

  • Olive Oil by Sail – Building a CSS Network

    By using sailing vessels to cover the largest part of the distance from farm to plate, we are not only…

  • New Dawn Traders Olive Oil Delivery with Nordlys Ship

    Olive Oil by Sail – The Pilot Voyage

    This summer we welcomed the Fairtransport ship Nordlys to UK shores with a trial cargo of 1000 litres of Spanish…

  • Schooner Cecilie

    Schooner Cecilie

    Cecilie is a former German sailing cargo vessel, built in 1921 by Germaniawerft, Kiel, and currently berthed at SRF Shipbuilding…

  • Brigantes


    The goal is to recuperate the Onice, a historically valuable traditional steel-hull sailing freighter currently in Sicily. She will be…

  • Launch of Blue Mermaid

    Blue Mermaid

    Until now, Sea-Change Sailing Trust has been using an existing Thames sailing barge from where they are based in Maldon,…

  • Port Franc

    Picton Castle – Port Franc

    Port Franc is a small, family-owned company that operates between Montreal, Canada and La Rochelle, France, and Porto Vecchio, Corsica.…

  • Coastal Exploration Co.

    Coastal Exploration Co.

    In 2011 Henry, former Royal Marine and owner of Coastal Exploration Co., started to source and refurbish three traditional Norfolk…

  • Historic Vessel Vega

    Historic Vessel Vega

    Every year the 120 years old Norwegian build historic vessel VEGA and her volunteer crew sail about 7,000 miles to…

  • Corentin - TOWT

    Corentin – TOWT

    Corentin was built and launched in the port of Quimper, France, in 1991. Drawn from the lines of l’Aimable Irma…

  • Le Biche - TOWT

    Biche – TOWT

    Biche is the last of the “thonier dundée à voile” (sailing tun-fishing vessel) of the Atlantic. A boat built in…

  • Bessie Ellen

    Bessie Ellen

    Built in Plymouth, Devon, in 1904 by William Kelly, Bessie Ellen is one of the last surviving West Country trading…

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