Extra Virgin Olive OIl

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5l Bottle


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Caixeiro / Reigado / Passeite : 2017-18 harvest

We have partnered with three different olive farmers, each with the same goal: To make delicious olive oil in harmony with the local ecosystems, nurturing both people and planet from soil to serving.

Originating from different regions with different olive varieties, each olive oil has its own uniquely nuanced flavour. The harvest of 2017/2018 was particularly tough due to the extreme drought, heat and even fire, which also adds a unique profile to the taste. No two harvests, varieties, bioregions or seasons are ever exactly the same.

All these extra virgin olive oils are officially qualified by an IOOC certified laboratory. They are beautiful olive oils, bought for a fair price so that our farmers can continue to take good care of our land and trees. We have a total of 5,250 litres available from the three farms. The oil will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. The oil comes in either 5l plastic bottles or in 5l bag-in-box packaging. We are working towards the elimination of waste through researching the full lifecycle analysis of different types of packaging, whilst simultaneously keeping in mind the practical constraints of working with small-scale producers and our sailing ships. Read more about our adventures in packaging here (coming soon…)

The oil we have selected is your all-round, medium intense friend. Great for everyday use in your kitchen, topping off salads, soups, pasta, stir-fried veggies or simply as a dip for bread.

 5 litre units // 2018 Shipment // Nordlys Ship // Departure: Porto, Portugal

PORT ALLY minimum order of 200 litres (40 units) at £ 1,370.00 (£ 6.85 / litre): Available for pre-order only, to be collected directly from the ship.

COMMUNITY BROKER minimum order of 40 litres (8 units) at £ 304.00 (£ 7.60 / litre): Available for pre-order only, to be collected directly from the ship.





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