Bornholm, Denmark

Bornholm, Denmark
February 8, 2018 Alex

Become a Port Ally or Community Broker.

Earliest arrival of the ship is approximately May 20th.

In order to grow our networks here, we are looking for individuals or communities who can become another link in the chain.

As a PORT ALLY, you will commit to pre-ordering a fixed amount of cargo on behalf of your community. Ideally, all who have pre-ordered will be available on arrival of the ship to collect their goods directly. This is a great moment for celebrating sail cargo! Our PORT ALLIES have organised events such as tastings, music and talks to coincide with having the ship and crew in port.

As a PORT ALLY, you will manage the collections and any port events. You will be a local point of contact for the ship and its crew. You will be a committed champion of SAIL CARGO and understand that the value it brings to your port is greater than just the access to quality cargo. We are a movement dedicated to bringing people together, enriching our ports and keeping these beautiful ships and the knowledge they hold in active service.

If you live inland but would like to take part and bring sail cargo goods to your community, then become a COMMUNITY BROKER. You are committed to pre-ordering a fixed minimum amount of cargo and must collect it from the ship.

As a PORT ALLY or COLLECTION POINT, you will have the support of New Dawn Traders, other Port Allies and the Sail Cargo Alliance as a whole. We are co-creating this renaissance of sail-shipped trade, if this excites you then do GET IN TOUCH.

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